101 of Best Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses are made up of viscoelastic material. This material exhibits properties of both viscous and elastic materials. The fundamental behavior and the reason for the popularity of this material is its response to deformation, this material shows properties of viscosity when weight is applied to it and shows elasticity by returning to its original shape, this whole retention process takes a few seconds which is named as “memory”.

There are many choices for mattresses these days like traditional foams, spring and gel foam and others, but the popularity of memory foam is because of its exclusive properties that no other mattress provides in terms of medical reasons and comfort as well.

History of memory foam

This foam was initially manufactured by NASA in 1966. It was developed to provide astronauts with a resilient seat that is able to deal with gravity changes and provides maximum comfort to the space travelers in the aircraft.

It was not to be used for the public domain until 20 years, but after that, due to its amazing properties. It was chosen to be best for people with insomnia and back problems and was used in hospitals for people to provide maximum comfort to injured and bedridden patients. Since then, this mattress has been the king of all mattresses and is still used the most.

The breathability of memory foam mattress

Some mattresses tend to have smaller and closed pores while others have more open cells. Foams with closed cells tend to retain moisture and body odor for longer times as compared to open ones.

Memory Foam Mattress has open cells which provide better air circulation, which not also releases the odor fast but also makes the breathability better and allows peaceful sleep. Less breathability not only causes difficulty in sleeping but also can cause excessive sweating at night.

Balance of softness and firmness

This is the best quality of a viscoelastic foam that has both softness and firmness due to its shape retention property. This property is also based on the density of the foam. The denser the foam the more firm it will be. But it is the inherited benefit of polyurethane viscoelastic material that it will have certain stiffness to itself.

Temperature factor of memory foam

This can be a benefit or drawback that even the best memory foam mattress will have, that unlike spring mattresses, it is slightly influenced by surrounding temperatures. It tends to get warm due to the release of body heat which can be a problem because you might feel extra warm at night. This can be controlled by adjusting your room temperature down and then you can sleep peacefully. Check out newsweek article on best memory foam mattress.


If you are someone who fails to get a sound night’s sleep, or if you are someone who deals with insomnia and requires comforting bedding, this amazing invention can be your savior! It will not only help you in sleeping well but also will take good care of your posture so you don’t wake up tired.